Second Marriage

Marriage is just a single beautiful word consisting of responsibility, honesty, faith and love. In this twenty second generation people are engaged in getting second marriage becauseSecond Marriageof the lack of happiness, joy, trust which one deserve but fails to get from their first one. Sometimes one tried his/her best. Puts their all effort in fetching what they wants but hardly found. The one needs huge heart and guts for second marriage. People can live happily ever after because they had been understood the value of marriage and those responsibility which comes after it.

Arranged Marriage

It is said that marriages are made inheaven. But there are also those made on the earth. Thus arranged marriage is a martial union of two people. i.e., bride and groom. Where
Arranged Marriagethey are selected by the third party rather than by each other. Arranged marriage are usually set up by the parents or an older family member. The meeting of the Spouses is arranged by the family member, relatives or friends. In some cases arranged marriage also involves a match maker, such as priest or religious leader, matrimonial sites, trusted third party. Arranged marriages vary in nature and in how much time passes between first introduction , than engagement and than marriage. It is up to the two individuals to develop the relationship and make a final choice. Though an arranged marriage may feel like a per-historic concept. Such matches are still prevalent in society.